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Albert Zhou
Name :
Albert Zhou
No :
City :
Gender :
Age :
Height :
5 ' 9 (181CM)
Education :
Bachelor Degree
College :
Shanghai University
Major :
Electrical Engineering and Automation
English :
Simple exchange
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Free Overtime Work: 2+ hour(s)/day
Verified Certificates
Working Experience:
• Have interpreted for the President of Switzerland, Mrs. Doris LEUHARD, for her speech on Shanghai World Expo Cleantech Switzerland Day;

• Have interpreted for United Nations Under-Secretary-General Kiyo Akasaka, for his speech at United Nations Academic Impact and Entrepreneurship International Forum

• Have interpreted for Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Jean-Marie Lehn

• Have interpreted for French Pavilion, Swiss Pavilion, Swedish Pavilion, Belgian-EU Pavilion, Indonesian Pavilion etc. in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo;

• Have interpreted for Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, CLSA, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Ajinomoto, Whirlpool, Jabil etc.;

• Have interpreted for institutions like United Nations, French Embassy, Swiss Embassy, Australian Trade Commission, South Australian Government, City of Perth, Western Australia, City of Compton ,California etc.;

• Speaking Fluent English & Multiple years of experience in Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation. Proven excellence in effectively and accurately getting messages across when helping clients in business negotiations, business conferences, sourcing products, contacting partners and finding contractors.

• Have extensive social network and key business contacts in Shanghai and its vicinity in the fields of steel, non ferrous metals, futures trading, data center, solar power, real estate, electrical and electronic manufacturing, mechanical HVAC and medical equipment. Have successfully helped multiple clients find suppliers, sourcing products and negotiating big business deals. The list includes Siemens, Whirlpool, and Current Energy.

• Multiple years working experience in HP as an English-speaking trainer; My main responsibility was to conduct training sessions to worldwide customers (USA, Asia Pacific and Europe) on certain IT knowledge.

• With a strong engineering background (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and as a Certified English-Chinese Interpreter, I'm capable of conducting interpretation for business summits/conferences, top management interviews, press conferences, business meetings/negotiations, engineering workshops, webcasts etc.

1. 2011.01.22 -23 Nycomed Investigator Meeting on treating COPD with Roflumilast in CROSS clinical trial

2. 2011.01.19 UBS: Plastics in China

3. 2011.01.18 UBS: Real estate in China

4. 2011.01.17 UBS: Wind Power in China

5. 2011.01.14 SAAS Human Rights Auditing

6. 2010.12.16 OracleOpenWorld global event at National Convention Center

7. 2010.12.15 OracleOpenWorld global event at National Convention Center

8. 2010.12.14 International Minor Metals Market Forum 2010

9. 2010.12.09 Automechanika 2010 Matchmaking

10. 2010.12.08 Automechanika 2010 Academy

11. 2010.12.07 China Ship Finance and Strategy Forum

12. 2010.11.10 The 22nd General Conference of the International Council of Museums_ICR

13. 2010.11.09 The 22nd General Conference of the International Council of Museums_ICAMT & CCAMT

14. 2010.11.08 The 22nd General Conference of the International Council of Museums_ICAMT

15. 2010.11.02 United Nations Academic Impact and Entrepreneurship International Forum

16. 2010.10.30 French Pavilion: Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Jean-Marie Lehn¡¯s speech

17. 2010.10.29 Pfizer meeting with Legacy Wyeth at Suzhou

18. 2010.10.28 Pfizer South-East Asia Engineering Workshop _ Lean Maintenance & ERP

19. 2010.10.27 Pfizer South-East Asia Engineering Workshop _ Engineering Operations

20. 2010.10.26 Pfizer South-East Asia Engineering Workshop _ Global Operations

21. 2010.10.21 Asia Taxation Summit 2010, Simultaneous interpretation

22. 2010.10.20 Agrochemical Exchange 2010 Shanghai, simultaneous interpretation

23. 2010.10.19 DUNE ¨C Designer fashion showcase Western Australia; The Lord Mayor Ms. Lisa Scaffidi Opening speech

24. 2010.10.19 International symposium on urban geology, simultaneous interpretation

25. 2010.10.13 Royal Canin Strategic planning summit

26. 2010.10.12 Swiss Business Hub Business Negotiation for outdoor/military products, consecutive interpretation, 1 day

27. 2010.10.10 Belgian Pavilion: Solvay/Solar Impulse Project Media Conference, simultaneous interpretation, 1 day

28. 2010.09.29&30 Kunshan ASME Certification conference, simultaneous interpretation, 1 day

29. 2010.09.28 Shanghai World Expo Swedish Pavilion: Axis Global CEO Ray Mauritsson speech, Axis press conference and interview with media, simultaneous & consecutive interpretation, 1 day

30. 2010.09.20 & 21 CLSA Business meetings with Futures traders, steel traders and non ferrous metal traders, simultaneous & consecutive interpretation, 1 day

31. 2010.09.16 Andritz¡¯s China Partner Event, paper industry, Simultaneous interpretation, 1 day

32. 2010.09.15 Morgan Stanley Business meetings and negotiations with Baosteel and copper trader, consecutive interpretation, 1 day

33. 2010.09.06 DatacenterDynamics Shanghai 2010 conference, Simultaneous Interpretation, 1 day

34. 2010.08.31 Chemical event at the French Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010, Simultaneous Interpretation, 1 day

35. 2010.08.18 City of Compton, California, USA, China Trade Mission; Meeting with Zhangjiagang Free trade zone etc.

36. 2010.08.11 Speech of the President of Swiss Confederation, Mrs. Doris LEUHARD

37. 2010.08.11 Cleantech Switzerland Day at World Expo Shanghai

38. 2010.07.13 & 14 Fortus Advanced Sales Training, Simultaneous Interpretation, 2 days.

39. 2010.07.08 & 09 Coido ASME Certification business meeting, Consecutive Interpretation, 2 days.

40. 2010.06.21 South Australian Wine Mission to China, Consecutive Interpretation, 1 day.

41. 2010.06.16 Randstad 50th anniversary event planning business negotiation, Consecutive Interpretation, 1 day.

42. 2010.06.01 Business negotiation between Ajinomoto and Insight2market, consecutive interpretation, 1 day.

43. 2010.05.27 Panduit AP Partner Summit, Simultaneous interpretation; Panduit SVP, VP and Director for Products press conference with local media, consecutive interpretation, 1 day.

44. 2010.05.25 Croatia & Slovenia Tourism Promotion Event in Shanghai World Convention Center, consecutive interpretation, 1 day.

45. 2010.05 SNEC 4th (2010) International Photovoltaic Power Generation
Conference&Exhibition; Sunwise business negotiations.

46. 2010.04 ChinaPM PMP Training, Consecutive Interpretation, 4 days.
(ChinaPM is the only PMI certified training company in mainland China.)

47. 2010.03 Hillwood Investment Chief Representative's visit and business negotiations, consecutive interpretation, 2 days.

48. 2010.03 Indonesia government delegate's visit to Shanghai Expo Indonesia Site, Chuchotage &Consecutive Interpretation,1 day.

49. 2010.03 Siemens Quality Director's visit to Kangyuan factory, Consecutive Interpretation, 3 days.

50. 2010 Jabil Global Webcast, Simultaneous Interpretation, 1 day.

51. 2009 Current Energy¡¯s business negotiations & meetings, Consecutive Interpretation, 2 weeks.

52. 2009 Hill-Rom Medical Equipment Training, Consecutive Interpretation, 3 days.

53. 2009 Liko Medical Equipment Training, Consecutive Interpretation, 3 days.

54. 2009 Siemens R&D director and QA director visit to factory & business meetings & negotiations, Consecutive Interpretation, 2 days.

55. 2009 Whirlpool PMO Director, Lead Buyer and Lead Engineer factory visit & business meetings & negotiations, Consecutive Interpretation, 2 days.

56. 2009 HP Processes&Capabilities Vice President visit & meetings, Consecutive Interpretation, 3 days.

57. 2008 China Supplier Quality Management Summit, Simultaneous Interpretation, 2 days.

58. 2008 China Human Resource Management Summit, Simultaneous Interpretation, 2 days.

59. 2008 Liebherr Press Conference at Bauma China

60. 2008 IBM Project Big Green Campaign

61. 2008 HP Asian CAE Symposium

62. 2008 BSM Forum: Automotive After-Sales Service

63. 2008Tesco Operational Model Deployment (Long Term Project)

64. 2008Carrefour Supplier Seminar

65. 2008China Aviation Industry Summit 2008

66. 2008 Symposium of the Academic Committee of Foreign Studies in Urban Planning

67. 2008 Sino-American Flexible Packaging & Film Development Symposium

68. Maersk Maker¡¯s Meeting

69. 2008 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Forum

70. WaterTech Asia 2008 International Forum

71. 2008 ITT China & India Fourm

72. Asia Young Designers Fashion Gala 2008

73. Nantong (Shanghai) Investment Promotion Conference

74. China-U.S. Plastics Industry Summit 2008

75. 2008 International Seminar on Catastrophe Response & Financial Support

76. Siemens Energy Sector Suppliers Day for Power Generation Equipment

77. 2008International Seismic Design and Dry-walling Technology Forum

78. The 1st Annual Congress on Food Safety & Quality

79. 2007Beiersdorf: Market Positioning

80. 2007The 3rd Asian Representative Conference of Forging Associations

81. The 2nd annual conference on Mergers, Acquisitions& Partnership Strategies

82. The 2nd Annual Process Industry Engineering & Maintenance Congress

83. Industrial Relations & HR Management Conference 2007

84. Process Industry HSE Forum 2006

85. The 1d Annual Conference on Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

86. Logistic Excellence Week 2006

87. The 1st Annual Congress on Food Safety & Quality

88. J.F.Pearson: Flexible Product Development

89. 2006Asia-Pacific ¡°Make Road Safe¡± High-Level Seminar

90. 2006China Manufacturing Industry Management Informationization Forum

91. 2006Network Security Technology Development Forum

92. 2006International Wetland and Migratory Protection Forum

93. 2006Medium and Small Business Investment in Yangzi River Delta Forum

94. 2006Advertisement Design Trend Forum

95. The 1st Annual Conference on Organizational Development 2006

96. The 1st Annual Conference on Recruiting & Staffing 2006
Albert has greatly helped me with business negotiations in the last two days. Through his professional interpretation, the two Siemens experts were able to fully understand our businesses and thus they wanted to visit us again and already consider us as a potential client. Kudos to Albert!
Zhu, Fu-Gui
General Manager
Shanghai KangYuan Electrical Equipement Co., Ltd.
A firm believer in hard work, I think to achieve extraordinary, one has to start from ordinary and have a longterm goal in mind. Having graduated from an ordinary university, I worked very hard on several internships and was able to join HP upon graduation. Though not majoring in English back in college, I kept up my enthusiasm about English, western culture and history, which enables me to speak not just the language, but the culture and the tongue.
Services Available:
Business Meeting / Negotiations, Exhibition / Trade Show, Factory / Supplier Visiting, Market Research, Set up an Office, Sourcing products, Local Attractions/Local Food/Shopping
Advertisement/Marketing, Apparel & Fashion, Chemicals, Energy, Environment, Food & Beverage, Gifts & Crafts, Home Appliances, Luggage, Bags & Cases, Toys, Travel, Textiles & Leather Products, Printing & Publishing, Others, Automobile, Construction & Real Estate, Computer Hardware & Software, Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Electronic Components, Furniture & Furnishings, Health & Beauty, Home Supplies, Telecommunications, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear, Leisure, Transportation, Sports & Entertainment

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