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Travel to Guangzhou

Located in the central part of Guangdong province, Guangzhou is the biggest city in South China, a hometown of many overseas Chinese. It¡¯s also known as ¡°Flower City¡±. Now it is the capital of Guangdong province and the biggest port for foreign trade in the south of China. The excellent services for business and tour make it become one of the major tourist cities in China.

The Chinese Export Commodities Fair, or Canton Fair is held in the spring and autumn each year. Through its development over the last 50 years, the Canton Fair has evolved into a comprehensive, multi-functional trade venue of world global significance. Of all the trade fairs held in China, the Canton Fair is the biggest, has the highest level of participation, and achieves the best results. It¡¯s a showcase for new and technologically-advanced products as well as other various commodities from the largest numbers of excellent Chinese companies.

Guangzhou Travel Tips

1. The best months to visit Guangzhou is October, November and December, for it rains a lot from April to June, and typhoon may come in August and September.
2. Clothing, cosmetics, furniture, electrical appliance and digital products are most popular shopping items.
3. Walking north of the White Swan Hotel to visit the Pearl Market, Jade Market and a mixture of antiques and current products is great fun.
4. Hooley's Irish Pub and Restaurant at Tian He Bei Lu is one of the few foreign-owned establishments worth visiting. Great food and live music.
5. Haizhu Square is a colourful and vibrant market selling everything imaginable. Good prices become even better after bargaining.
6. Li Wan Plaza (north end) is a must if you are interested in jewellery.
7. Bai Yun Leather Market in Yuexiu District offers three floors of handbags, wallets, luggage and belts.
8. Having a beautiful night view with many bars, Shamian Island is the most romantic place in Guangzhou.
9. Ancient towns around Guangzhou are nice places to visit and translator Guangzhou is strongly recommended.


Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, one of the three major international airports in China, is located 6 kilometers north of Guangzhou proper. The international lines lead to many cities in the world.

Delicious Food

Guangzhou Cuisine is one of the eight major Schools of Chinese Cooking.

Steaming and stir-frying tend to seal in the delicate flavors of the rice noodles, seafood, shark¡¯s fin soups and pastries (dim sum) that are hallmarks of Guangzhou cuisine, which is known worldwide.

Guangzhou¡¯s snacks are also very famous. Char siu baau is one of the local flavors. It¡¯s the most popular bun with a Cantonese barbecued pork filling. It is steamed to be fluffy and white.

On the Beijing Road are famous cow haslets shops, fruit juice shops and restaurants providing porridge, rice noodle, milky teas, etc. On Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road and Xiguan Food Street are snacks and desserts of old Guangzhou flavor. There is an inconspicuous noodle restaurant on Baohua Road, whose pig¡¯s trotter noodles and sirloin noodles are outstanding in Guangzhou. You are recommended to hire a local Guangzhou translator/Guangzhou interpreter to help explore more delicious local flavor.

Characteristic Tourism

Evening Tour on the Zhujiang River

Coming to Guangzhou, tourists should enjoy the beautiful night scenery of the Zhujiang River. The best way is to take the pleasure-ships on the River, and the tourists can enjoy more than 30 attractions on the way while degusting tea and other snacks on the ships.

Characteristic Festivals

The Boluo Temple Fair in the 2nd month of Chinese traditional calender, the Panyu¡¯s Water Lily Festival, the Lichi Festival, the Chongyang Festival, the Chinese Tourism Arts Festival (i.e. Guangdong¡¯s carnival), Guangzhou¡¯s Delicious Food Festival, ect. You may enjoy more with a local Guangzhou tour guide.

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