Dear Cindy,

Thank you for recommending Maria to me.

AAA + is the Rating that I give to Maria.

My Son and I had no idea what to expect when we got to China and were pleasantly surprised at how accomodating and helpful Maria was. A friendly person who acted professionally, with a great personallity and family values, I am sure you would have a hard time finding anyone to match Maria.

We were in Shanghai for 11 days and were attending 2 shows, a Construction Show and the Asian Solar show. Maria has pretty much perfect English, having lived many years in Australia , so we had no problem with accents or misunderstandings which is big for those looking to purchase or deal in China.

Maria saved us more money than she was paid just by keeping an eye on the every day dealings that we had and we felt secure in her care.

Also she was always doing research at night to make sure that we were informed of how things worked in China and that we were well informed about our options. All we had to do was ask for a vendor other than the ones we went to China to see and she would present us with our options, and these all worked out well. She did not wait , she would get on the phone and make the necessary calls to find what we needed.

When we went to Solar factories to see their plants, she was there with us and was very informed and learned what we were looking for very very quickly, so that she could deal for us if their English was rough.She has a lot of business sense.

Also for Shopping, site seeing, restaurants or hunting for art, Maria had us where we wanted to go immediatly and even told us where the price should be for items.

All in all I cannot say enough about Maria and would ask for her every time I was in Shanghai,,,,, I hope she is not taken when I go back.

Keith Nicholson

CEO N. C. and Sons Inc.


To Cindy from interpretersky,

Thank you for recommending Maria to me. Now Id like to send my feedback to her performance.

Maria is a very capable interpreter. She presented to the clients with decency. She is a very good partner working with executives. Her past overseas living experience showed enormous benefit for her work.

Andrew Cheung

CEO of AMA Energy


I wanted to say that I enjoyed working with Maria very much.

Maria was fantastic. She did all that she said and more. She was an asset to have made our trip a success.


Jason Glick



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