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Will the nuclear leakage from Japan influence China?

Most people worry about how far the nuclear leakage from Fukushima nuclear power plant will spread. Will the radiation leak influence our health, if it comes to Beijing.

By consulting the relevant domestic and international nuclear experts, and nutrition experts, we conclude that: Take Beijing for example, if the nuclear pollutants comes here with wind, the impact of them on our bodies, after flying over the sea, and traveling thousands of miles, become much weaker, even less than that of the radiation of the vehicle exhaust, home decoration materials, and the home appliances, like cell phones and computers, etc.
Therefore we needn’t worry too much about that.
Then how to prevent nuclear radiation if it does come to us?
1. Avoid going outside or limit the time outdoors, and try to stay in a confined space.
If you have to go outdoors, cover your mouth with a wet towel, or a mouth muffle, and to minimize your skin exposure to the air, but it doesn’t mean you must wear many think clothes.
2. Close the windows and doors to avoid the air circulation. If necessary, you can use  
air purification equipment.
3. Take a shower every day.
4. Wear a scarf if you go outside.
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