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What to eat to prevent the nuclear radiation

Many people are talking and worrying about the nuclear radiation leak from Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, concerning how far the nuclear pollutants will spread. If it do hovers over us, will the radiation leak influence our health? How to prevent it?


After consulting the experts and reference books, The following methods have been concluded.


1. Take Vitamin AD

2. Drink more water: drinking water or physiological saline or sugar.
Drinking water can speed the discharge of the radionuclide with urine and feces, thus reducing the radiation damage.


3. Eat cruciferous vegetables
Scientists found that vegetables and turnips are anti-radiation food. The food with the similar function includes cauliflower, olives, rape, cabbage, mustard, Chinese cabbage, radish, etc., as delicious food on our table, they are rich of antioxidant substances. The fresh vegetables are the body's "cleanser". They have a "secret weapon" - alkalescent part, which makes the blood alkaline to dissolve the toxins in the cells and then the toxins can be excreted with urine.


4. Eat mung bean sprouts and soy bean sprouts, tomatoes and other fruits, to ensure the vitamin intake. The vitamins have functions on the prevention and treatment of radiation damage. For instance, the vitamin K can reduce bleeding, vitamin B and P can reduce vomiting, nausea, vitamin C can accelerate the regeneration of blood cells and so on.

5. Have food rich in collagen, this type of food is kelp, seaweed, sea cucumbers, animal skin, bone marrow, fungus, etc., because the collagen of the food has a role of adhesion, it can help discharge the radioactive substances in the body.


6. Have some meat: offshore seafood is not recommended

Eat more lean meat, less fat, and increase the proportion of vegetable oil. Oleic acid can promote the regeneration of the hematopoietic system, and therefore have the best function on the prevention of radiation damage.


7. Have food with the function of detoxification, such as coagulated pig blood and black fungus.


8. Honey Green Tea: It is recommended to drink some honey green tea.

Well, as the nuclear experts says, if the nuclear pollutants from Fukushima nuclear power plant of Japan spead to your city with wind, the impact of them on your bodies, after flying over the sea, and traveling thousands of miles, becomes much weaker, even less than that of the radiation of the vehicle exhaust, home decoration materials, and the home appliances, like cell phones and computers, etc.


Therefore, don’t worry too much, and enjoy everyday.


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