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Tomb-sweeping Day in China

Qingming, is also called Tomb-sweeping Day, is a time for Chinese people to honor ancestors, remembering the dead and pay respect to the family members departed. It falls on April 5 of every year. (It’s approved to be a holiday from April 3 to 5 by Chinese government.)

A well-known poem written by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty tells of a sad scene in early April: "rains fall heavily as Qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go." During the Qingming period, people visit their ancestors' graves to sweep away the dirt. They also take the paper money(a kind of yellow paper symbolized as money for the departed family members to use in the Yinjian, an imaginary place under the earth in Chinese people’s mind where the dead live. ) and burn it besides the tomb, so as to send the money to the dear departed family members. They also take delicious food and wine for them to enjoy. Nevertheless, they pour the wine besides the tomb for the dear dead to enjoy. As to the food, they usually take back to home to have after honoring the dear family members departed.

In additional to the tomb-sweeping activity, Chinese people in urban area also have the following activities.
This custom comes from ancient China. Swing is made by tugging a leather cord between two trees, or putting a pedal with two rope swings. Then a person sit on the cord or stand on the pedal to be moved forwards and backwards, higher and higher with a playmate’s help. Swing can not only improve health but also to cultivate courage.
Spring Outing
Outing, also known as Tanchun, means a spring outdoor activity. People go to the filed to feel the nature, the breeze, and to enjoy the peach blossoms during the time of Spring, when the Tomb-sweeping holiday happens.
Flying Kite
People like flying kite beside the sea or in the green field during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday.
When the kite flies higher and higher, some people cut the line to ask the kite to carry the misfortunes and ill fortune away. 
Trees Planting
Spring is the best time to plant trees, as everything recovers during this time. If you plant a tree, it’s much easier for it to be alive and grow stronger. Chinese people usually plant trees during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday. Because of this, some people called the Tomb-sweeping Day as Tree-planting Day.

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