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« 你可能不相信这是真的,但是这就是真的!How to source the products from China »

You may don't believe it, but it's true!

Dear friends,


Do you want to contact the Chinese interpreters directly to interview them and select the best to work for you, and then pay him or her face to face in cash? makes it possible!


I’m Cindy from, a translation website which starts in China in 2008.


From Sept. 10, 2015, will show the contact details and the quotations of the interpreters in their profiles after getting the approval of the interpreters. Just like the following one:


You are welcome to click

to browse more.


You can see the interpreters’ contact details and compare their prices. Then you can interview them and select the best suitable interpreter to serve you.


You are also welcome to see the contact details of the interpreters who have bided your project after your post it. I’d like to show you how:


In your profile,


1. You will see the project you have posted, and click “ view details”

2. Then you will see the bidders


3. Then click “View Details”, you will see the bidder’s picture and bidding price


4. Click the bidder’s picture, you will see her profile, and her contact details in the profile



If you are interested in interviewing her, you can contact her directly and talk to her.


5. In this way, you can select one interpreter to serve you. At the end of the service, you are welcome to write feedback to review the interpreter’s work quality. If it’s a positive review, the interpreter will gain Trust Score; if it’s passive, the interpreter will lose Trust Score.


Finally, the more Trust Score the interpreter have, the higher place she will rank at www.interpretersky.comThen she will get more working opportunities.


The interpreter’s future is in your hand, and therefore, they will spare no efforts to offer the best services to you.


You are welcome to take a look at the reviews written for the interpreters from at


When you start the service, if you need the interpreter to sign NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT please take a look at


Also, will illustrate all the benefits of hiring an interpreter at


Thank you and have a nice trip in China.


Yours faithfully,


Cindy Chang

Mp:       86- 189 6561 9269




Wechat(微信):     c18965619269

Whats app: 86-18965619269


Skype: Cindy Interpretersky





Website:, the best interpreters database in China



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