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How to become a good interpreter

Up to now, I have studied interpreting for one term. I thought interpreting was easy before but realized it is not a piece of cake recently. I’d like to share my undersanding on how to become a good interpreter with you based on my own experience.


To begin with, fundamental konwledge and ability of English is very important. In addition to good listening and nice spoken english, I feel one more thing is particularly important and that is to be able to express yourself in English very quickly and correctly. For me I think I am weak in this point and should improve it in several ways, like reading more, debating more, and speaking more . Actually, in order to practise interpreting, I look for a partner, and we meet in the afternoon to study for two hours every other day. We also make a plan together. In details, we do interpreting for one hour, debate a topic for about forty minutes, and speak Japanese for twenty minutes.


Second, it will take me a long time to improve my ability of taking notes. While doing interpreting, such things often take place, like forgeting what my notes taken just now mean, omiting important information while taking notes, forgeting the logic meaning of the words on the note, and so on. I just feel the best way is to look for a juncture, combine the note and memory together, and form some style and signals of my own. To achieve it, I need practising for a long time. In next term, special attention shoule be given to it.


Third, remember as many sentence patterns, phrases, and expressions as possible. I also should read newspapers in both English and Chinese. Recently, I have changed the homepage of my computer to China Daily and it at least helps me unconsciously to know some new words every day.


Finally, try to form good habit while doing interpreting. For example, once open your mouth to interpret, stick to your way of interpreting and do not change your expressing ways repeatly. To do it successfully, I have to accumulate more knowledge about different ways to express the same thing. And also, work as a public speaker while doing interpreting. Mr Ling Chaolun has visited our department and delivered a speech about it, and all the contents are practical and useful. I am determind to do what he has told me from now on when doing interpreting.


Of course, there are many more for me to study and improve concerning interpreting, but what I say above is the very things that I sense and feel deeply and give a deep impression on me while studying interpreting . I’ll try my best to improve myself next term.

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