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You may don't believe it, but it's true!

Do you want to contact the Chinese interpreters directly to interview them and select the best to work for you, and then pay him or her face to face in cash? makes it possible!

I’m Cindy from, a translation website which starts in China in 2008.

From Sept. 10, 2015, will show the contact details and the quotations of the interpreters in their profiles after getting the approval of the interpreters. Just like the following one:

什么是中式英语(What is Chinglish)

Written by Cindy, a Chinese interpreter from interpretersky       中式英语,特别是汉英翻译译文中频繁出现的中式英语是不容忽视的现象。在众多的译文中,小到词语,大到段落甚至语篇,我们都能看到中式英语的蛛丝马迹。它影响译文的质量,使读者不能愉悦阅读,有时甚至引起不必要


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