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Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow

Recently, I read a joke from a college English textbook for sophomores in China. It’s quite funny and I assure you that you will burst into laughter after reading it.

It goes like this:
An American man went on a holiday to Florida from his hometown, the cold and snowy Chicago. And his wife is to meet him the next day after finishing her work.

What are the big rocks in your life?

Recently, I read about a story discussing the time management. It goes like this.

A time management expert made a presentation to his audience to explain his point.
He took out a jar first, and placed a handful of fist-sized rocks into it. When it was full and no other blocks could be put inside, he asked the audience: “Is it full?” “Yes!” the audience yelled.


Jacky 的传奇经历-----从英语六级到欧盟口译司


Tomb-sweeping Day in China

Qingming, is also called Tomb-sweeping Day, is a time for Chinese people to honor ancestors, remembering the dead and pay respect to the family members departed. It falls on April 5 of every year. (It’s approved to be a holiday from April 3 to 5 by Chinese government.)

A well-known poem written by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty tells of a sad scene in early April: "rains fall heavily as Qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go."


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