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2016年4月1日起,除了在首页广告位上允许留下联系方式外,其他翻译的profile 不允许留联系方式 感谢大家一直以来的关爱。

综合考虑各种因素,Cindy 极其合作伙伴Cathy 决定,自2016年4月1日起,除了在 首页广告位上允许留下联系方式外,其他翻译的profile 不允许留联系方式。





有需要的朋友请联系 电话/微信:18965619269


How to source the products from China

 I am Mike, I have been studying and working in North America for more than 10 years. When I was working in US, part of my job was to initiate the international business between the Chinese vendors and our company, which was a traditional local company that had no direct trading experience with China before.
Nowadays, more and more companies want to source their products directly from China, for better price and more reliable quality. Per Cindy(owner of interpretersky)’s request, I would like to share my two pennies about this. 

You may don't believe it, but it's true!

Do you want to contact the Chinese interpreters directly to interview them and select the best to work for you, and then pay him or her face to face in cash? makes it possible!

I’m Cindy from, a translation website which starts in China in 2008.

From Sept. 10, 2015, will show the contact details and the quotations of the interpreters in their profiles after getting the approval of the interpreters. Just like the following one:


 我有一个翻译网站, 客户都是老外,来中国采购家具,led, 卫浴,纸尿裤机,等等不一而足。以前我网站上的翻译不让留联系方式。



Q: 我已经注册了,但是发现你给我的诚信值比别人少,为什么?

A: 根据下列情况,给予50-350的诚信值奖励。

1. 工作经历和自我介绍是否是双语版本。


Translation Contract-English Version

The due dates for payment of fees and costs under this Agreement shall be the date(s) specified in this Agreement, provided that if no date is specified, the due date shall be the date of Translator\'s billing for the fees or costs. Any payments for fees or costs not received by Translator within _______ days of the due date will be deemed late and shall be subject to a ________% per month late charge. Client agrees to be responsible for Translator\'s costs in collecting late payments due from Client, including reasonable attorneys\' fees.





第一条  服务内容:

·        翻译服务的类型:  __________________

·        翻译服务的具体内容:




本保密协议(以下通称本“协议”)由       Name                  一家             公司,地址为:Address   (以下通称“公司”      Name          一家中国公司,地址为: 以下通称“参与者”                       日签订。


 经甲乙双方协商,就乙方为甲方提供  陪同   口译一事达成以下协议:

The following agreement is entered into between Party A and Party B upon negotiation for Party B’s   liaison     interpretation provision to Party A:

Interpretersky 开放翻译译员的联系方式,客户可以直接联系你做翻译中文名是 中国译员网)将开放翻译译员的联系方式。

中国译员网(Interpretersky)是译员们温馨的家。无论您想成为翻译,请关注微信,c18965619269, 我会尽我努力,为客户找到最合适的翻译,为翻译推荐工作!




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